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Who We Are

About Our Company

Welcome to the Plutous Group of Companies. We are a multinational conglomerate comprising a dynamic group of companies with regional offices in strategic and financial major countries around the world. The Plutous Group has multified business lines diversified into Management Consultancy, Information Technology, Manpower Training, Textiles, Education, E-Waste Management, Entertainment, E-Businesses, Lifestyles, Pharmaceuticals and Online Portal Management. The constantly evolving group has also expanded organically into various new segments through strategic investments around the world.

In our recent times we have seen and received investments for our group for our commitment and incredible record of work and delivery to huge corporates and to the common man, serving them alike with all amount of honesty and sincerity. The Group also has a highly specialised financial services arm that oversees investments for innovative and creative business models making everyone a part of Plutous family.

Founded in 2009, the Plutous Group is a capitalist based conglomerate which encompasses all aspects of business, using our network and the internet as its modality bringing products and services from all points of the globe to the customer wherever he or she may be. But what makes us different is we are a people’s enterprise, delivering from the common man to the common man by the common man. We are here to distribute wealth to the humanity, such that every human can sustain, survive and be a free soul of his will and contribute to the society for what he was born for.

The Group’s expansion into high-quality interrelated businesses, products and services has created many new opportunities for our customers 'B to B' & 'B to C'. Our success reflects the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of a resourceful multi-cultural team spread across the world, led by an international board of directors who focus on solid economic fundamentals and an all-consuming commitment to customers and partners. To learn more about us, please explore this site and contact us for any further information.