We at Plutous truly believe that, Education is the foundation of all sectors and is the core area that fuels innovation and technology development. Therefore, education come first and Plutous has done some amazing work over the years. The private education sector in India is booming and that too at a fast pace. Despite huge investments already pouring into the sector, the challenges are aplenty and remain unaddressed. With a population of over a billion and a high proportion of the youth, India has the largest formal education system in the world. About 37% of this population are between the age group of 6-25 years and form the main target group.

Plutous with its exclusive suite of education solutions, we intend to achieve, credibility and creativity in this sector. Plutous intends to work with the educational institutes, both private and public, and implement large scale partnerships to foster education. It is our firm belief that the way to move forward in the education sector is to transform the education system by providing technology based learning to the teachers and students. To achieve this task Information and technology, is surely going to play a crucial role and Plutous, with its expert advisory services, is slowly and steadily becoming a major player in this sector. Our integrated suite of solutions has helped hundreds of institutes become productive and efficient thus delivering value to the overall education system.


Educational Institutes: International School of Professional Studies (ISPS)