Our Vision & Our Mission

“Unity Pays”

  • We take pride in recognizing your vision to help you achieve what’s important to you, we intend to work fairly while doing business, be a good place to work, and build enduring relationships because we know you value this approach. ’’
    Enabling Success through

    . Building and nurturing a positive work environment to deliver value to the clients
    . Providing effective and relevant communications for brand enhancement
    . Improving our Enterprise risk management and reputation management practices
    . Improving our IT Security, Infrastructure, Data, IP, Voice and Systems performance
    . Providing employees the skill sets and capabilities required for project delivery
    . Increasing the effectiveness of our policies and procedures
    . Focusing on benchmarking, best practices, thought leadership, research and insights
    . Best-in-class Accounting & Financial management practices to maximize Stakeholders Value
  • Trust

    We believe the trust that our customers, employees and stakeholders repose in us is an achievement. We responsibly deliver on the promises we make to earn that trust. We do not reveal confidential information to others while we aim to be one of the trusted advisors to world’s most influential businesses.

    Partnering clients

    We partner our clients, understand their requirements and help them realizing their strategic vision with integrity. This means we are committed to deliver more value than what is expected from us. At the same time this does not mean saying yes to everything the client asks for.


    We deliver quality services and achieving excellence in whatever we do, as we believe excellence is a way of life. We consistently deliver promises ahead of time and within budget. We allow a culture of transforming best practices from various institutions while we benchmark ourselves with others.

    Best People

    We attract, develop and retain exceptional talents who have ‘can do’ attitude. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and posses a sense of ownership in our endeavors. We value the ability to spot an idea or business opportunities early in the cycle in our people.

    Taking ownership

    We take ownership of our business promises by doing what we say and by saying what we do. We communicate complex things in a simple, clear and concise manner. We possess an ability to understand and translate an idea into reality within the shortest possible timeframe.

    Taking informed decisions

    We understand the importance of data and while we assess it, than accepting opinions. We evaluate data, facts and consider the impact of our present and future actions at the time of taking informed decisions. We refrain ourselves away from conflict of interest while we aim for a win-win solution.

  • Following an extensive period of consultation, Plutous Business consultancy has identified a set of values. These values will help us to define and develop our culture – what we do and how we do it. Writing down the values of the consultancy, making them part of the our culture and demonstrating them through the organization will help us develop a shared way of acting – not just in what we do but also how we do it.

    The values will become a key part of everything that we do as an organization, from being included in staff job descriptions and in our research work, through to our work on leadership development and performance management. The values have been written down in a way that is simple and memorable and are written as doing things. The five values are:

    . Customer success
    . Respect for individuals
    . Teamwork and contribution
    . Recognition and celebration
    . Ethics and Integrity

    Plutous operates on a simple principle, which is followed within the group. Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products and services of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.